Mission Statement

OdachiVR is an organization that is focused on building useful VR and XR applications, based on the philosophy that VR is not for every application, and should strive to be different from flat screen conventions.

VR is a technology that is finding its cultural and economic footing in the world, but viewed objectively, it is just a higher throughput way of interacting with a computer. We believe in building software that takes advantage of that - applications that would benefit from this higher level of interaction should be built for VR first. Simply put, no one needs an entire virtual reality just to edit their google doc. It's a niche, and thats ok.

This doesn't mean that VR can't be used for fun, or entertainment. VR can be a fantastic way to explore new kinds of experiences in those fields. We just believe that VR applications shouldn't strive to do things the flat screen way. We want our applications to be useful in VR, and do something different and new.

And finally, we want VR to appeal to its user base. The niche crowd who are willing to dive into VR, should be in control of it. Control over your reality is something that should not have to be sacrificed for a VR application to be successful.

About Us

We are a small group of students from UW Madison that want to help make VR better and more useful.

Contact / Follow Us

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